Alternative Uses For Beer Around The Home

Household Uses For Beer

Alternative Uses For Beer

It may be one of the world’s most popular drinks (behind tea and coffee) but there’s plenty more to beer than a thirst quenching drink. Those limiting their options by only using it as a social lubricant are certainly missing out on a trick or two!
This barley and hops based drink has a multitude of uses around the home that go unappreciated by even its most dedicated fans.

Here’s some uses for beer that you might not be aware of:

Alleviate Rust

Tired of struggling with a rusty bolt that just won’t shift? Take a break and crack open a cold beer – it just might help. Pour some of the liquid over the rusty problem and allow it to soak, if possible. The beer’s carbonated bubbles may help break up the rust and speed up your progress.

Improve Your Garden

The popular Do-It-Yourself site claims that the yeast found in most beers and lagers can promote healthy plant growth. Pour some flat beer into your soil to reinvigorate it and bestow a new lease of life. It’ll help your plants flourish and your garden sparkle!

Polish Wood Furniture

Furniture need a facelift? Then a little beer-spillage might not be such a bad thing. Soak a cloth in some stale beer and apply liberally to the polished surface of wooden furniture. Continue rubbing until the wood’s shiny lustre and colour has deepened. Buff with a dry cloth for the finishing touch. (I haven’t tried this myself so I would test this out on a hidden area first, just to be sure, I suspect this is fine for polished surfaces but not for “natural” wood) :-)

Use Beer for Polishing

Marinating Meat

Beer has a slightly acidic quality which makes it great for marinating lean chicken or beef. It’s not strong like vinegar or wine so it won’t drastically alter the taste and allows you to enjoy cuts that may ordinarily be a little tough. Try poking a few holes in the meat and leave it to soak in a seal-able bag overnight.

Removing Coffee Or Tea Stains

Just like white wine’s ability to remove red wine stains, beer can also be used to get pesky coffee and tea spills out of fabrics. Simply pour a small amount of beer onto the stain and let it soak for a moment or two before lightly rubbing until the unwanted mark fades and disappears. Voilà!

Settling Your Stomach

Most people will blame beer for their upset stomach however it does contain some ingredients that can actually soothe your tummy pains. The yeast found in beer can help to settle your turbulent stomach while its fizzy Co2 can help boost your PH levels and neutralise some of the acid.

Getting Rid of Slugs

Are you tired of your garden being invaded by greedy slugs? Buy a six pack of cheap beer and you’ll soon keep them at bay. Pour a splash of it far away from your prized plants and they’ll be drawn to it like a magnet. Hello healthy garden!

Deter bees and wasps

Place small amounts of beer in cups around your garden and you won’t have to worry about wasps or bees being the uninvited guests to your garden get togethers. The yeast and fermentation will attract these pesky party poopers and keep them occupied for a while.

Deter Wasps with Beer

Making Batter

Want to spice up your fish and chips? Try making the meal at home and pouring a splash of beer into your batter mix. A traditional ale helps to provide subtle flavour and a dash of variety to an otherwise traditional meal. You can even use it to coat potato wedges.

Remove Brown Spots In Your Lawn

Beer’s high concentration of yeast helps to fertilise the under-nourished parts of your garden that may have spent the majority of time hiding under a garden ornament. Simply pour some of the boozy liquid onto the yellow spots on your grass and it’ll be back to its gloriously green self in no time.

Lighten Your Hair

Some people use lemon juice but you can also use beer! Its high natural sugar content and levels of Vitamin B are great for your hair, they add volume and add to its shine. Try combining it with camomile – a natural hair lightening agent – and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

Do you have another fantastic use for household beer? Share it in the comment section below :-)

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