Quick & Easy Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Art Tutorial

Sometimes, it’s the little things that really make a difference. Taking a five minute break from your busy schedule to do something nice for yourself is a luxury not many of us give ourselves. So I thought I’d give myself a little break and a touch of pampering too ;-)

Painting your nails is a great way to take some time out, where you can have a couple of minutes to reflect and de-stress, and have dazzling nails to boot!

All good manicures start with a good trim and shape. If you don’t have a decent pair of nail clippers, I urge you to invest in some as they can really help to strengthen your nails especially if you’re prone to brittle, bendy talons. When cutting your nails with clippers, always cut straight across, this is important because your nails grow in the shape you cut them, so avoid rounded or pointed shapes as this could result in some nasty ingrown nails.

Buff and shape your freshly cut nails with a nail file so there are no snagged bits that will rip once you resume your day to day responsibilities! Also remember to pay some attention to the edges of your nails, you should file them down ever so slightly so they are smooth to touch.

Nail Art

Now, a quick tip for the wise. Your hands go through a lot during one day, think of all the typing, texting, poking and general wagging of the finger you do… It’s hardly surprising that nail varnish rarely lasts more than a week chip free, but you can help to prolong your manicure for a few extra days by applying a clear base coat before you begin. Doing this gives the coloured polish something to hold on to rather than drying your natural nails and flaking off.

Apply a clear base coat to your nails and allow to dry completely. Now would be a great time to make yourself a cup of tea whilst you wait! :-)

For this nail art tutorial, choose two complimentary nail polish colours; one colour, one glitter. I’ve chosen a rose pink shade and a rose gold glittery polish that matches nicely but you could use any colour/glitter combination you like.

Nail Tutorial

After the clear base coat has dried, brush on your colour nail polish. Starting from a couple of millimetres from your cuticle (the root of the nail) use long, steady strokes to cover your nails. Painting right down to the base causes your nails to dry out so do remember to leave a little space. Depending on your nail polish, you may need to give your nails a second coat of colour so they’re streak free, but only do this once the first layer is completely dry!

Now for the glitter! Glitter tips are a very popular choice in salons nationwide but the technique is very simple and you can achieve a quality finish at home or even on your lunch-break at work!

With the brush, make sure you have enough glitter polish to make your nails dazzle and simply dab on the tips with the brush. Remove any excess from the brush and gently push/dab the glitter along the tip of your nail. Slowly add more glitter polish to the tip and add a little towards the middle of your nail until you get the desired graduated glitter effect. This is a technique that gets a lot easier with practice, but the great thing about glitter tips is they don’t have to be neat!

Wait until your glitter layer is completely dry before adding a thin clear topcoat to keep your nails strong and shiny!

Nail Art Finished Result

This is a fantastic way to make your nail polish collection go further and look a little different without having to look for new polishes or extravagant nail art kits. Sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones! ;-)

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