Swap & Save!

Swap & Save

Swap The Things You Don’t Want For The Things You Do!

We’ve all heard a lot about up-cycling and recycling things we no longer need but we shouldn’t forget that there’s another thrifty money-saving idea that works brilliantly too and that’s swapping your unwanted things for something you do want.

Yes swap & save is alive and well thanks to lots of like-minded thrifty people and some great websites. I’ve put together a list and you’ll be amazed at what you can swap & save!


Clothes Swapping

Whilst there are some great clothing retailers out there who specialise in on-trend fashion at reasonable prices there are those occasions when something a little more special is required – I’m thinking that invite to a posh do, for which you crave a designer gown but don’t have the designer budget. The Answer – hire your outfit, this is far more economical than putting yourself out of pocket for a garment that may only see the light of day once or twice.

Some great sites are:

  • Girl Meets Dress – where you’ll find some fabulous designer outfits which can be hired in 3 easy steps.
  • One Night Stand – Evening dress hire, formal dress, designer evening wear and gowns for women in London.
  • My Celebrity Dress – dress in style like your favourite celebrities

Along with the dresses many of these sites also hire out accessories too, such as handbags, shoes and jewellery – helping you to complete your look.
(Top Tip – many of these sites also hold sales, making them a great way for you to become the owner of your favourite designer outfit at a fraction of the original cost)

If you’re still looking to swap & save then take a look at sites like swishing.co.uk – the UK’s only all-in-one clothing exchange and retail fashion store. You can earn virtual money credits for the items you send in then swap them for items from other members.
swapstyle.com is another fashion swapping site, along with rehash.com.


Book Swapping

Now I know that Kindles & eReaders are all the rage these days, but in my humble opinion nothing beats a well-stocked bookshelf, both the look of it and the knowledge that is held on it’s shelves. If you’re anything like me you won’t be able to be parted from your books, but if you are looking to renew and refresh your collection then swap & save could be the way. At bookmooch you can trade your unwanted books for ones you do want or try readitswapit which is another great swapping site for books.


Yes it’s not just items you can swap you can also swap your skills! Are you a closet culinary whizz at baking cakes but need help with something? – Then see if you can swap your skills. There are several skill swap websites that help you to do just that such as, Swapaskill.com or Skillsbox.

Event Tickets

There’s nothing worse than having tickets to an event that you’re not interested in, but at the same time you don’t want to waste them either – checkout sites like Swap My Ticket and get swapping!

Of course you don’t have to rely on the internet to swap & save your items – have a good look around your local area, you may be surprised and find swapping events local to you. If you can’t find any then why not organise one? Or how about a girls night where instead of bringing a bottle you bring something to swap? – Oh okay you can bring a bottle too! 😉

However you go about your swap enjoy and have fun! :-)

Penny Pincher

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