Travel Tips To Help Keep You Sane!

Travel Tips

Travel Tips To Help Keep You Sane!

For the majority of us a holiday is usually something that we’ve planned & looked forward to for quite a while, so of course we want nothing to spoil it. And whilst it’s impossible to plan for every possible incident there are things we can do to minimise any stress involved.

I’m not talking insurance here (though of course it is always advisable to take out travel insurance) no I’m talking about those little nuggets of knowledge, those tried and tested tricks that go to make life a whole lot easier, those “Oh my gosh, why did I never think of this before!” moments…Travel Tips

In my opinion nothing beats a bit of forward planning so at the top of my personal list would be tips such as:

  • Check your passport is valid & find out if you need a Visa before your day of travel.
  • Check & monitor currency prices prior to your trip
  • Check about travel immunisation (it’s better to be safe than sorry) and along with this I would also check what the health care system is like in the destination you are travelling to.
  • Stock up on sun protection when there are special offers on (make sure you check the lifespan of the product though, there’s not point having a huge supply if they’re out of date)
  • If you have children make sure you have what they might need too, and that includes things to keep them entertained and their favourite cuddly toy

Now I know some of the above might seem a bit OTT, after all a holiday is supposed to be a break, a chance to get away and relax/do something different and don’t get me wrong I’m not some neurotic woman either BUT I do like to be prepared and once I’ve looked into all the above I can relax and enjoy my holiday and if the unfortunate should happen then I’ll already be prepared for it :-) (well that’s my theory & I’m sticking to it)

Travelling With Kids

Having a family holiday can be great fun for all involved and if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off or even heading across country then there’s going to be some travelling involved to get there. So it’s time to employ some boredom busting tactics to avoid the “Are we there yet?”

  • Avoid giving sugary snacks & fizzy drinks before a long journey – a sugar meltdown is the last thing you need!
  • Nothing beats some paper and pencils – they could draw, do quizzes, play hangman, etc there’s simply loads of activities that you can do with a good supply of these two items.
  • More than one child? Use a headphone splitter, this way two people can use the same device

drawing paper

Once You’ve Arrived

  • There’s nothing worse than crumpled and creased clothes and no way of getting them ironed. If this happens then a quick solution is to hang the clothes in the bathroom, steam from your shower will help to remove the creases.
  • Did you know that batteries will last longer if you store them in the fridge? Nickel–metal hydride batteries can last up to 90% longer if kept in a cool environment, while alkaline batteries could get an extra 5% boost. This puts a whole new meaning on using the mini-bar in your room!

I found quite a few travel tips on the internet, such as these #TravelHacks:

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Tips for Kids – some great little tips for when you’re travelling with kids

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And the best travel tip of all…enjoy your travels! :-)

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